Ferris Mowers Guide


The Ferris lawn mowers guide was created to help people in the market for a lawn mower find all the information they would need before making a purchase. Buying outdoor equipment like lawn mowers requires a good deal of ample research, and customers need to be aware of all the benefits of investing in a particular brand before spending their money on it. With comprehensive information on all aspects of Ferris mowers’ model line-up, features, FAQs, troubleshooting information and warranty information, we’ve compiled everything there is to know about the company’s units in our detailed website.

Established over 100 years ago, Ferris mowers have been widely recognized for their high level of performance and durability. The company pioneered a robust suspension system that’s capable of handling rugged terrains with minimal wear on the unit. If you’re uncertain about investing in their products, do read on to learn more about their various offerings.

Ferris line of lawn mowers 

Based on where you’ll be doing most of your mowing, it’s important that you go through all the available products and choose the one that  fits your specific needs. Ferris offer a broad range of mowers that are appropriate for a wide variety of applications of a number of different topographical features. Here is a break-down of the categories offered by the organization:  
1. Zero-turn mowers – are essentially riding mowers with the capability of executing highly narrow angled turns, enabling them to navigate tight spaces or locations with a lot of stems, shrubs, trees or other such obstacles. They are also ideal for mowing long duration at a stretch. Eg models: F60Z, F210Z  

2.Front-mounted mowers – with a four wheel configuration that positions the deck at the front end of the system for improved visibility, these mowers are ideal for landscaping professionals and situations that involve trimming of regions with low-lying branches and shrubs. Eg models: F800X, Procut S

3. Stand-On Mowers – are best suited for smaller locations that demand a high level of maneuverability and shorter mowing durations. With ample support and state-of-the-art ergonomics, these mowers offer high productivity as well as comfort for places with narrow passages and tight gates. Eg models: Soft Ride Stand-on Z1, Soft Ride Stand-on Z2

4. Walk-behind Mowers – traditional walk-behind mowers are ideal for all types of topographies and can be easily transported, loaded and unloaded. Unlike the more conventional machines we’re used to seeing, Ferris line of walk-behind mowers come with self-propulsion systems that make it easy to mow for hours on end. Eg models: FW35, FW25     

Common Issues 

At the end of the day, lawn mowers are still outdoor power tools that face the elements on a daily basis – this means that they are susceptible to the rigors of the elements including occasional break-downs and problems stemming from accumulation of dust and debris. However, most of these are simple issues and can be easily addressed –

  1. Unable to start the engine: The root cause for most engine issues are worn out spark plugs or air-filters. Ensure that your spark plug is in good condition and replace if necessary. If this isn’t the issue, inspect the air filter element and replace it if it has clogged up.
  2. Unit vibrating excessively: Worn out or unbalanced blades can cause undue vibrations in your unit – ensure that all the deck blades are checked for balance and uniformity after sharpening. Bent blades can also cause vibrations.
  3. White smoke emanating from machine: White smoke is generally caused by the evaporation of spilled oil on the chassis and is not a cause for concern – wipe off excess oil and if the smoke persists for long, inspect the unit’s housing for leaks.


The Ferris mowers organization have been leaders in their segment for over a 100 years, building upon generations of expertise to connect to the market with a globally acclaimed line of reliable mowers transcending a number of categories. The company also hold a large number of patents for innovative technology that is now licensed out to a other players as well, further testifying to the company’s reputation. All Ferris mowers also come with the added protection of a minimum 2 year warranty. If you have any more questions that we did not address, feel free to write to us at the FAQ or contact us section and one of our members will help you out.