Activating the PTO causes the engine to lose power

Hello Guys,

Activating the PTO switch on my 2 year old Ferris ProCut S causes the engine to suddenly lose power, and even stall at times. What could be the reason for this?


Hello Afnan,

If you’re mowing very tall grass with a lower than sufficient cutting height, it puts undue load on the engine and can cause it to stall – especially if the grass is also wet. I suggest setting a higher deck height and then mowing again at the desired height. This can also happen if the blades have not been securely fastened to the stalk after replacement.

My Ferris F35 mower is tearing my grass

Hello Guys,

I’ve had my Ferris walk-behind F35 mower for about 6 months now and it cut sharply for the first few months but suddenly began tearing my lawn grass, resulting in patches of infected grass. The blades are new, I just replaced them last week. What could be causing this?


Hello Mendy,

I would have asked you to inspect the blades for damage but since you mention they are new, I suspect your engine throttle speed is too low – if you’re not running the engine at full throttle, ensure that you do. Another reason could be a very high ground speed, try moving slower and see if the problem persists.

Ferris SRS Z1 mower not cutting evenly

Hello Guys,

My stand-on SRS Z1 model seems to be cutting at an inclination from the left to the right, forcing me to make narrower overlaps and spend more time fixing the trim. Has anyone encountered this problem? The mower is just a few months old.


Hello Ross,             

The most common cause for an uneven cut is an unbalanced deck – I suggest checking the tire pressure on both sides and filling them to the same psi if there’s a difference. If your tires are fine, inspect the blades for and dents or bending as this could also result in uneven cutting.

Deck lift pedal not working on my Ferris F60Z

Hi there,

My three month old Ferris zero-turn’s pedal seems to be malfunctioning – I’m unable to lift the deck. I’ve tried lubricating the assembly but it hasn’t worked, can someone help me sort this?


Hey Chris,

Check the spring system beneath the lift pedal for damage – replace the spring with a new one if it has snapped. if there’s no problem with it, the lifting linkages might not be properly attached. I recommend visiting the dealer for reattaching the linkages as they are difficult to service without getting to the center of the deck.

Engine cranking but not starting on Ferris FW25

Hi Folks,

I purchased my Ferris walk-behind series mower a few years ago and for the first time am unable to start the engine – it cranks but doesn’t start. What should I do to overcome this problem?


Hello Tom,

It sounds to be like your engine may have flooded, especially if you repeatedly tried to start in quick succession. Shift the throttle out of the choke setting and wait for a day for the flooding to clear before starting again. If it still refuses to start, inspect the battery for corrosion or any other signs of damage, it may need to be replaced.

Ferris F160Z needing oil change more often than usual

Hello everybody,

My 2 year old Ferris F160Z seems to be running through oil much faster than usual, I find myself having the replenish oil every few weeks nowadays when before it would be every month or more. The conditions haven’t changed much around here either. What could be the reason for this?


Hi Larry,

It sounds like your engine is running at a higher temperature than usual – I encountered this problem myself and it turns out my fan belt was worn out. This can happen with age, and you mention that your unit is 2 years old so I would recommend inspecting the fins and screen for accumulated debris. Lastly check even the fan belt.

Steering response on my Ferris Zero-turn mower faulty

Hi Guys,

I’ve noticed that the steering output on my 6 month old Ferris F60Z has been steadily declining and now handling has become very poor. Any idea how I could fix this?


Hey Johnson,

The first thing I would recommend checking for any issues with your steering is the steering linkages – these can occasionally get loose and all you need to do is tighten the linkage bolts after readjusting them. Also check the tire pressure on all wheels.

My Ferris FW35 walk-behind mower has engine issues

Hello Folks,

I’ve owned my Ferris FW35 for nearly a year now and had no issues until last week – the engine seems to keep fluctuating in power, sometimes running slow and other times almost stalling or knocking. What could be causing this?


Hi Mildred,

Did you switch to a new type of fuel recently, or change the air fuel mixture? If you did either, this could be the cause as it sounds like your fuel mixture is too rich. If this isn’t the cause I suggest inspecting your spark plug and checking whether the oil level is too low as you mentioned it started having problems only after a year – it may be time to change the spark plug or oil (perhaps even both).