18HP Kohler w/ 48 Mower Deck

18HP Kohler w/ 48 Mower Deck

48 & 61 Mower Deck – Complete

IDPart NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
1504161361in. Guard Weld
1504161748in. Guard Weld
21/2-13 X 3-1/2in. Bolt
35021096Pulley, Idler, Flat
45041754Spacer, .50 X 1.00 X .69
55042141Idler Mount Assembly
61/2-13 X 3in. Bolt
75021097Pulley, Idler, V-Notch, 5
85041477Spacer, .63 X 1.06 X .23
95025040Nut, 5/8-11 Hex
105041671Plated J-Bolt
105041729Plated J-Bolt(48in. Deck)
115041672Spindle Washer Bottom
125020819Bushing, Tapered Hub
135021091Double Pulley
135021148Double Pulley
145020814Pulley, Spindle, BH58
155020824Belt, # 7-2466, EL 131.75in., Sect.'B'
155020873Belt, #7-2467
165041668BChute, Discharge Weldment
171/2-20 X 2 1/4in. Bolt
185020865Snap Ring, Internal
195041480Spindle Shaft
205042145BAssembly, Pulley Arm Pivot - Red
205042338BIdler Arm Weldment
215020863C-Clip, 3/4in. Shaft
225025520X3Shim, 3/4ID X 1-1/8OD X 0.025
235020876BBushing, Brass, 3/4 X 1 X 1
245021103Spring, Extension
265041478Pulley, Center Spindle
275020827Bearing, Idler
285030293Housing, Spindle
295020870Insert, Bearing
305041622Idler Arm Weldment
315020841X1Latch, Rubber
335020785Roller, Deck
345041655BWeld, Bracket, Roller Pin Secured W/ 5025013X8 & 5101414
355020655Pin, Lynch, 7/16
365041476Spacer, 1.02 X 1.56 X .50
375021541Bushing, Flange
395020095Grease Fitting, 1/4-28 Straight
405041702BWeld, Caster Wheel Mount
415041657Axle, Caster Wheel
421/2-13 X 5-1/2in. Bolt
4350211479X350-4 Ply Poly Filled
445041703BCaster Mount Spacer (48" Deck Only)
455021043Retainer, Bearing (2 Per Tire)
465021182Bearing, Roller (1 Per Tire)
475050407X20Key, 1/4in. SQ. X 2.50
485061033Assembly, Spindle, Thru Bore
505020842Blade, 21in.
50.15020842SReplaces #5020842
505020843Blade, 16.25
515/8 Washer
525025019X76Bolt, 5/8-11 X 9-1/2in., GD5 PLN
535020864Snap Ring, External, 1in. Shaft
545020866Snap Ring, Internal
555041653Spindle Washer Top
565041481Idler Pulley
575042142BAnchor, Spring
575042336Spring Anchor Weld (48" Deck)

Brake Group

IDPart NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
142381Use 5042381
25042393Brake Cable Bracket
35020813Clutch/Brake Cable
45041752Spacer, .26 X .38 X .50
55010116Collar, 3/4in. Set
65042372Brake Arm Weldment
75021169Ball Joint
85021170Ball Joint, 5/16-24 Fem, Stud.
95042377Pivot Weldment
105042388BBrake Clutch Pivot
115025520X3Shim, 3/4ID X 1-1/8OD X 0.025
125020863C-Clip, 3/4in. Shaft
145042398Cable Bracket Weldment
165021174Idler Pulley
175020807Spring, Extension
185042395Pivot Weldment
195042379Pivot Arm Weldment
215023323Clevis, 5/16-24, Steel
225025225X6Clevis Pin, 3/8 X 3/4
235042343Plated Brake Linkage
245041852Turnbuckle Assembly
265041625Plated Sleeve
285042354Brake Overload Linkage
295042390Brake Overload Weldment

Decal Group

IDPart NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
15022297Decal, Ferris Logo, 9-3/8
25020337Decal, Warning
35020989Decal, Made In The USA
45021152Decal, Attention
55020850Decal, Warning
65020851Decal, Danger
75022560Decal, Ferris Text & Logo
75020846Decal, Commercial
85021158Decal, Caution
95021156Decal, Never Drive
105048261Decal, Explosive Fuel
115020942Decal, Parking Brake
125020861NLA - Decal, On/Off
135020939Decal, Pull To Choke
155020936Decal, Fuse, 10-20-30
165020855NLA - Decal, Caution
175021154Decal, On/Off
185021057Decal, Mower Lift
195021054NLA - Decal, Gear Number
205021113Decal, Cutter Blade, On/Off
21Decal, Patent
235021110Decal, Gasoline Only
255021153Decal, 15 PSI
265021036Decal, Grease Daily
275020853Decal, Clutch
285020854Decal, Brake

Electrical Schematic Group

IDPart NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
15020918Fuse Block
1502043510 Amp Fuse
15020934Fuse, AGC, 20 Amp
1502033030 Amp Fuse (Actuator)
25020060Hour Meter
45020832Neutral Switch
55020836Switch, Ignition, 5 Post
65042100Seat Switch Wire Assembly
75020830Toggle Switch
85020844Electric Lift *Net Price*
95021083Clutch,# 512585, Elec., 1in. Shaft
105021090Toggle Switch
11504209933in. #14 Green Wire Assembly
125041795Red Corner To Cornr Tggle Swth
135041794Toggle Switch To Actuator Harn
145041793Toggle Swtch To Alpha Cab Harn
155041788Blue Hour (-) To Ground
165041787Blue Fuse Block To Hour Meter
175041786Red Fuse Block To Solenoid
185041789White Fuse Block To Solenoid
19504218712in. #14 White Wire Assembly
22504219014/3Alpha Cable Assembly(Ele Clut)
23504219114/3Alpha Cable Assembly(Ele Act)
245042192Key Switch Wire Harness
255042193Electric Clutch Wire Harness
2620839NLA(Not Shown)
265050833X18Wire Loom, 1/2in. ID, 18in. Long (Not Shown)
265050833X6Wire Loom, 1/2in. ID, 6in. Long (Not Shown)
275042400Neutrual Safety SW. Harn. Assembly

Engine & PTO Group

IDPart NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
1Engine, 18HP Kohler (Model MV185)
25042194Oil Filter Mount
35041773Battery Cover
45020796Gas Tank & Cap
45041606BGas Tank Strap
55020797Cap, Gas
105025049Pipe Plug
125020983Fuel Tank Valve
135020835Clamp, Hose, External, 1/2 - Red
14Fuel Line
155021178X3Fuel Filter
185042368Rear Engine Support
195042364Front Engine Support
205042362BBelt Guide Engine
215042398Cable Bracket Weldment
225045570BWeld, Bracket, Pivot - Left
225045571BWeld, Bracket, Pivot - Right
235042164Electric Clutch Anchor
245042133Spacer, 1.01 X 1.50 X .37
265041775Safety Walk For Battery Cover
275050407X10Key, 1/4in. SQ. X 5/8
285021176Belt, # AP38
295021083Clutch,# 512585, Elec., 1in. Shaft
305021106Belt, # 7-1085
305021162B-Belt, # VBP78
315042132Spacer, .45 X 1.62 X .37
327/16 - 20 X 3in. Bolt GD 5
333/8-16 X 1-1/2 Carriage Bolt GD 5
345042287Torque Arm Weldment
355042160BEngine Deck Cross Member
375042363Skid Plate Spacer
385020805Ball Joint, 3/8-24 Fem, Stud.
395021049Ball Joint, 3/8-24 Male, Stud.
405020133Foote#1212 Hi Pro Key Um
425021168Insert, Bearing 1/2in. Shoulder
435020827Bearing, Idler
445020865Snap Ring, Internal
455021172Polymer Pulley
465042371Belt Guide
475021095Bearing, Pillow Block, 1in.
485020602Collar, 1in. Split
495030480Drive Hub Detail
505050407X20Key, 1/4in. SQ. X 2.50
515021094Tire, 20-10 X 8 4 PLY
515021045Tire, 18 X 8.5 X 8 4 PLY
525020601Nut, 1/2-20, For Wheel Bolt Silver
535042131Retaining Spacer
545042052Shifter Lever
555020832Neutral Switch
565042367Transmission Spacer
575042366Transmission Spacer
585042385BTrans Support Arm Weld.
595042067Trans Support Weldment
615042029Gas Tank Safety Walk
625020922X1Oil Filter - Kohler

Instrument & Control Panel Group

IDPart NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
15020878Replaced By 22789 Key
25020836Switch, Ignition, 5 Post
35021675Cable, Choke Control, 45in.
45021151Cable, Throttle Control, 31in.
65020060Hour Meter
95010551Knob (Foote #1155)
113/8-16 X 2 GD 5 Bolt
125025210Pin, Hair, .0915 X 1-7/8
135042344Plated Shifting Rod
145025117Stud, 5/16-18 X 1in. Plain
153/8 Flat Washer
161/4-20 Nut
171/4in. Lock Washer
185020808Spring, Compression
193/8-16 Locknut
2110/32 Nut
221/4 Nut
241/4-20 X 3/4 HHCS
255/16-18 X 1 HHCS
265/16-18 SFN
271/4-20 X 1 HHCS
28Clevis 3/8-24, Plastic
3050211715/8 Heater Hose 1-1/2in. Long
31304163/4 Dia CRS SFTG 6 1/4 Long
32Bushing, Brass, 3/4in. X 1in. X 3/4in.
335050501X22Use 5042074
345020875BGrease Fitting, 1/4-28 Straight
37420745/16-18 X 2-1/4 GD 8 Bolt
3950200953/8-16 Lock Nut
405/16-18 Lock Nut
425041767Coupler Link
435042049BElec. Lift Linkage
445042049BActuator Spacer

Main Frame Group

IDPart NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
15020930X9Back Rest Cushion
15021883X1Seat Cushion
15020930X2Arm Rest, RH
15020930X4Arm Rest, LH
25020930X3Seat Adjusters (Set)
35042082BSeat Plate Weldment
45041836KITSeat Spring Replacement Kit
55041522BSeat Plate Support
65021072Seal, Grease
75030372Rider Frame Support
85041770BSteering Handle Weldment
95020837Grip, Foam 1in. ID X 7.75in. Long
115020830Toggle Switch
125020831Toggle Boot
135042127BMount, Steering Tire Weldment
145021073Cap, Dust
155025104Nut, 3/4-16 Hex Slotted
165025160Washer, 3/4 SAE
175020884Bearing, Tapered Roller, 1in.
185030371Elec. Lift Mount
195042091Chain Roller Mount
205010673X3640 Chain - 36 Links
215042090Assembly, Turnbuckle
225020844Electric Lift *Net Price*
235021150Tire, 18 X 7.5 X 8 4 PLY
245021077Grommet, 1/2
265041730Actuator Spacer
275042314Steering Tire Axle
285042315Spacer, 1.01 X 1.25 X 2.06
295042282Safety Walk, Foot Plate
305041532Clutch Pedal Bracket Weldment
315041535Clutch Pedal Weldment
325041556Parking Brake Lever
335042383Brake Pedal Weldment
345041554Brake Pedal Bracket Weldment
355042087Steering Shaft Weldment
365020823Bushing, Flange, 3/4 X 1
375020043Bushing, Brass, 3/4 X 1 X 1.25
385020874Bushing, 3/4in. X 1in. X 1in.
395025019X76Bolt, 5/8-11 X 9-1/2in., Gd5 PLN
405020875BBushing, Brass, 3/4in. X 1in. X 3/4in.
415021052Collar, 1-1/4in. Split
425010116Collar, 3/4in. Set
435010114Collar, 3/4in. Split
445020602Collar, 1in. Split
455020808Spring, Compression
465020885Grease Seal
475020883Bearing Cup
485010673X3140 Chain 31 Links
505025520X3Shim, 3/4ID X 1-1/8OD X 0.025
515021034Snap Ring
525025040Nut, 5/8-11 Hex
535041752Spacer, .26 X .38 X .50
545020928Shim, 1-1/2in.OD X 1in.ID X 0.062
565042083Chain Roller
575020020Grease Fitting, 45 Degree
585020864Snap Ring, External, 1in. Shaft
595020095Grease Fitting, 1/4-28 Straight
605025203X10Pin, Cotter, 1/8in. X 1-1/4
6150209596in. Rubber Strap
625021090Toggle Switch
625021093Switch Cover
635025103Nut, 5/8-11 Hex Side Lock
655020809End Plug

Transaxle Drive Group

IDPart NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
05021069X2AGear, Spur (15 Tooth)
05021069X6AGear, Spur (28 Tooth)
05021069X11AGear, Spur (35 Tooth)
05021069X18ANeutral Spacer
05021069X35AScrew, Hex Head Threadforming, 5/16-18 X 1-1/4
05021069X57AScrew, Flanged Hex Head Threadforming, 1-4/20 X 2-1/4
05021069X62ACarrier, Differential
15021069X1Case, Transaxle
25021069X2Gear, Spur (15 Tooth)
35021069X3Gear, Spur (18 Tooth)
45021069X4Gear, Spur (20 Tooth)
55021069X5Spur Gear (23 Tth)
65021069X6Gear, Spur (25 Tooth)
85021069X8Gear, Spur (25 Tooth)
95021069X9Spur Gear
105021069X10Gear, Spur (30 Tooth)
115021069X11Gear, Spur (32 Tooth)
125021069X12Bevel Gear
135021069X13Shift Collar
155021069X15Sprocket (9 Tooth)
165021069X16Counter Shaft
175021069X17Gear (13TTH)
185021069X18Neutral Spacer
195021069X19Output Shaft
205021069X20Gear, Output (35 Tooth)
215021069X21Brake Disc
225021069X22Shift Key
245021069X24Washer, Thrust
255021069X25Retaining Ring
275021069X27Bearing, Thrust
285021069X28Chain, Roller (No. 41 Chain, 24 Links)
295021069X29Washer, Thrust
315021069X31Ball, Steel
325021069X32Washer, Thrust
335021069X33Screw, Set, 3/8-16 X 3/8
355021069X35Screw, Flanged Hex Head Threadforming, 1/4-20 X 1-1/4
365021069X36Washer, Thrust
375021069X37Bearing, Ball
385021069X38Thrust Washer
395021069X39Ball Bearing
425021069X42Seal, Oil
445021069X44Cap, Bearing
475021069X47Transaxle Cover
485021069X48Rod And Fork Assembly
505021069X50Brake Shaft
515021069X51Plate, Brake Pad
525021069X52Pad, Brake
535021069X53Pin, Dowel
545021069X54Locknut, 5/16-24
555021069X55Washer, Flat
565021069X56Lever, Brake
575021069X57Screw, Flanged Hex Head Threadforming, 1/4-20 X 1-1/4
585021069X58Holder, Brake Pad
595021069X59Pinion, Differential Bevel
605021069X60Pin, Drive
615021069X61Block, Drive
625021069X62Carrier Differential
635021069X63Gear, Ring (31 Tooth)
655021069X65Washer, Thrust
665021069X66Snap Ring
675021069X67Screw, Hex Head, 1/4-20 X 2-1/4
685021069X68Lockwasher, 1/4in.
695021069X69Short Axle
715021069X71Plug, Hex Head, 9/16-18 Thread
735021069X73Bracket, Brake Lever
785021069X78Needle Bearing
795021069X79Capped Needle Bearing
805021069X80O Ring
825021069X82Square Cut Ring
855021069X85Needle Bearing
875021069X87Square Cut Ring
885021069X88Needle Bearing