How do I adjust my mower’s deck height?

Park the unit on a flat level area and securing the mower in place by engaging the parking brake. Do not attempt to work on the deck with the engine running. Ensure that all the tires have been inflated to their respective levels as recommended by the engine manual before working on manipulating the deck height. Now proceed to switch the position of the height adjustment pin by moving it to the 4’’ position, this will allow you to freely move the 5/8 hexagonal nuts located at each side of the front end’s spring rod pivoting mechanism. Once you have set the desired height, move onto the front lower edge and ensure that the bolts are about 3.5’’ to 4.5’’ from the floor, you can make further adjustments by adjusting the U-bolts to manipulate the cutting height.
You can now adjust the height of the deck lift spring by manipulating its compressed length through loosening the 5/8 hex nuts located close to the spacer at the front end – proceed to tighten both nuts together after adjusting.