How do I adjust the governor on my lawn mower?

Disconnecting the spark plug assembly and its corresponding circuitry and check the governor system’s linkages for free, unrestricted movement by gently tugging on the throttle lever unit. If the springs or linkages are not attached, you can proceed to reconnect them if they are in working condition – twist them gently into place with hand, do not use pliers or other such tools. If the linkages are worn out you will need to replace them. Proceed to loosen the main clamping bolt on the governor to ensure that the lever can move freely before moving the linkage until you have completely opened the throttle at the widest setting. Now use a nut driver or wrench to keep turning the governor’s shaft back in the same direction as the arm. You can now hold the linkage and its crank to tighten the governor arm’s clamping bolt in place.