How do I sharpen my mower’s blades?

Secure the blades in place while you remove the mounting bolt and dislodge the blade – ensure that you completely remove the mounting pin before attempting to remove the blade. With the help of a file or other sharpening tool, sharpen the blade’s edge to a fine layer and if you’re unable to remove nicks or bent parts, replace it with a new blade. Take care to only use the right blade as recommended for your particular model.

Once the blade has been sharpened on both ends, do not forget to check the blade’s balance with a balancing tool or a lubricated nail – if the blade does not remain level then you will need to work further on the end that’s heavier to achieve a perfect balance. An unbalanced blade can break or cause severe vibrations in your unit.
One the blade has been adequately sharpened and balanced, replace the blade onto the shaft and secure it in blade once more with the blade spacers, washer and bolt – ensure that you replace all these components in the same order that you took them out in. Once this is done, torque the bolts to about 70 ft. lbs.